Claims FAQ's

I can’t answer some of the questions on the claim form, what should I do?

The claim form provided is a general form covering many types of incidents.

Please provide as much information as you can regarding the incident.

However, if you do not know the answers to the questions asked or they do not apply to the incident for which you wish to make a claim, leave the question blank or answer N/A (not applicable).

How many estimates do I need to provide?

We usually ask you to provide 2 estimates so that we can compare costs submitted by repairers.

Please make every effort to comply with this requirement. 

We do appreciate that in some circumstances you will only be able to provide 1 estimate.  If this is the case, don’t worry, send this estimate and if we require any further information we will let you know.

Please ensure that all estimates are issued in your name as the contract for repair is between you and the repairer.

Will my vessel need to be surveyed?

Once we have received your claim form, estimates and any other supporting documentation, your file will be allocated to a handler.

They will then decide whether, based upon the value and/or complexity of your particular claim, a surveyor is required to inspect damage.

If we appoint a surveyor they will contact you to arrange a convenient time for inspection.

Who will pay for the survey?

Any cost incurred in inspection of your vessel by the surveyor will be paid for by us.

My repairer has asked for a deposit payment, what do I do?

You will need to obtain a pro forma invoice from your repairer for the deposit amount requested and submit it to us for payment. 

You should ensure that the deposit request is issued in your name as the contract for repair is between you and the repairer.

I have the invoice(s) for repair, what do I do now?

If you wish us to pay repairers direct, send the invoice to us along with confirmation that you are satisfied with repairs and provide us with the repairers nominated bank account details if they have not already done so on their invoice.

If you pay the repairers direct then let us know that this what you have done and provide us with your nominated bank account details and we will reimburse you.

Please ensure that invoices are made out in your name as the contract for repair is between you and the repairer.

I know there is a policy excess to pay, how do I do this?

If you have asked us to pay repairers direct then you will need to settle the amount of your excess with them.  We will pay the remaining balance.

If you have asked us to reimburse you then we will pay you net of your policy excess.

You can pay your policy excess to us over the telephone by credit or debit card (excluding American Express) and when your invoice is due for payment we will settle in full with repairers.

How long will it take for my claim to be settled after I have submitted invoices?

Once we have received invoices and bank account details for transfer of funds, it takes 3 to 5 working days to be processed through the banking system and to arrive in the recipients bank account.

Please note that payments being transferred outside UK may take a little longer.

My vessel is being repaired outside the UK, what are the arrangements for settlement in foreign currencies?

We can settle invoices in all currencies but we will need the repairers BIC and IBAN to transfer funds to their account.

Repairers are fully aware of this requirement and will produce the necessary details upon request if they do not already appear on their invoice. 

Fast and Efficient Claims Service


Repair of Boat

When you contact us about a claim we will send you a claim form for completion and will at the same time provide specific advice and if necessary appoint an impartial surveyor. You may download the claim form from our web site and send it to us electronically. Ideally we would welcome the opportunity of speaking with you at the outset.

The surveyor will ascertain cause, nature and extent of damage and we will consider your claim on his advice together with comments and information provided by you. If the incident does not give rise to an insured claim or only part of the cost of repair or reinstatement is covered we will provide a full explanation in writing.

On provision of written repair estimates we will inform you whether we have any objection to repairs proceeding and we will advise you as to any reservation we might have as to cost of repairs.

Instructions to repairers must be given by you and you are responsible for payment of all repair bills. To assist you we will make direct payment to repairers if you are fully satisfied with the repairs and tell us you want us to pay the repairers directly.

We do not have approved repairers but will authorise you to proceed with a particular repair yard on the basis of estimates being fair and reasonable in amount. Under the policy we have the right to decide where repairs are to be undertaken although it would be unusual for us to veto any particular repairer. Our philosophy is one of accommodating as far as possible your own choice of repairer.

You should not incur any expenditure other than for the purpose of averting or minimising loss without our prior consent.

You should notify the Police as soon as possible of any theft, malicious damage or other crime involving the insured property.

Third Party Claims

You must not without our prior written consent admit liability, make any offer to settle or compromise any claim against you. Any correspondence from a third party claimant should be passed to us forthwith and should be acknowledged immediately by you providing our identity and policy number but no more.

Salvage Services

In the event of you requiring assistance from salvors it is imperative that you do not put life at risk by any delay in accepting salvage services. If possible, however provide salvors with our details, give us as a matter of urgency your own detailed version of events and we will deal with any salvage remuneration on your behalf.

A potential salvor may be prepared to assist on a fixed price basis and in the event of not being able to obtain specific guidance from us you should deal with the matter as a prudent uninsured, ie only agree a price which you would be reasonably prepared to meet yourself in the event of having no benefit of insurance cover. At all times safety of life at sea is of paramount importance.

Report An Incident - all other Claims

Contact us as soon as possible and notify us of any occurrence which might give rise to a claim.

Telephone: 0151 473 8000.

Monday to Friday: 9am to 5.30pm.

Emergency claims helpline: 0151 473 8099.

Our staffed emergency claims helpline is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so we’re always there when you need us to offer a sympathetic and swift response and give sound, practical advice.

Facsimile: 0151 473 8063.


Claim Form: Download and print a Claim Form.

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