Rigid Inflatable Boat Insurance

Whatever the weather, we have you covered with our fully comprehensive RIB insurance.

Is This Insurance Right For Me?

Having specialised in Marine Insurance for over 195 years and now with a fresh, forward-thinking approach to boat insurance services, GJW Direct can provide you with the perfect cover for your RIB with instant online quotes available.

Our self-service portal allows you to manage your policy online and 0% interest finance options are available on policies over £100. With a vast range of cover options to suit all needs, you can rest assured you're in safe hands when you insure your RIB with us. 

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Benefits of our RIB cover:

  • Third party liability £5,000,000
  • 24 hour staffed emergency claims helpline
  • Excellent financial security
  • Friendly personal service
  • Rapid claims settlement

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Steve Whipp

"Great service, on-line, and competitive rates"

Richard McCulloch

"Very good for boat insurance. Easy to use website."

Kevin Mitchell

"They have been my boat insurers for 14 years. I had to claim once and their service and actual amount I needed was paid without a quibble. I am very happy with them"

Michael Bishop

"Top product, good price"

  • Machinery

    Machinery – includes main or auxiliary engines, electrical equipment, cables and fittings and hydraulic equipment, piping and fittings, boilers, gearboxes, outdrives and shafts.

    We cover loss or damage to the machinery and outboard motors caused by impact between the RIB and any substance including ice (but not water). 

  • Waterskiers and other towed items

    We cover any person waterskiing, monoskiing, barefoot skiing, on kneeboards, wakeboards, hydroslides, ringos, biscuits and tubes providing no more than two persons are being towed or preparing to be towed at any one time. We also cover any person on a banana providing no more than six persons are being towed or preparing to be towed at any one time. You will be able to choose the appropriate level of cover you require when completing your quote. 


  • Transit and trailer cover

    We cover your RIB (up to 30 feet in length) and trailer(if requested) for transit by road within the cruising area specified on your RIB Insurance Certificate. We do not cover your liability for the trailer while attached to a towing vehicle or as a result of an accident on the highway or public or private place. This ought to be covered by your motor insurance policy.

  • 30 days European (EEA) cover

    We cover your RIB (if it is less than 26’ in length) for use in European Continental waters not exceeding 30 days in total in any one Period of Insurance. If you use your RIB in either of Italy, Spain or Greece you ought to contact us first so we may issue you with the certificate of compulsory insurance for those countries.

  • Third party liability of £5,000,000

    We cover you and any other person using your RIB with your permission for legal liability to another person arising out of interest in or use of your RIB up to a maximum of £5,000,000.

  • Personal Accident Cover

    Our RIB Insurance policy covers you and any other person using your RIB with your permission for accidental bodily injury or death whilst using your RIB up to a maximum amount of £20,000 any one person.

  • Medical Expenses

    We cover you and the crew of your RIB for Medical Expenses incurred by you and/or them arising out of personal injuries caused by any of the perils covered under your RIB Insurance policy up to £1500 any one occurrence.

  • No Claims Bonus

    We offer a protected no claims bonus inclusive in our cover

Policy Documents

See below the policy documents relevant to your RIB cover which are available for you to download.   

Please note, your policy wording may differ from the latest version available on our website. Please refer to your online dashboard for the relevant wording for your policy.

What is a RIB? 

A RIB, also known as an RHIB is a Rigid Inflatable Boat. RIBs are constructed with inflatable tubs (also known as ‘sponsons’) but also have a rigid or hard hull. They are very versatile vessels that can be used for work, commercial and leisure purposes.


RIBs are generally higher-end vessels made for higher speeds and have more space for passengers and storage. A SIB, or Soft Inflatable Boat, is used primarily for leisure, as it’s much easier to transport than a RIB which may need to be towed by a trailer. Looking for a policy for your SIB? Check out our small craft policy

Cover for RIB motors and equipment

Whether your RIB has an outboard or inboard motor, our policy covers any damage to the engine and equipment of your vessel caused by impacts, so you can cruise safely.