Speedboat Insurance

Our speedboat policy is tailored to meet the needs of high-speed vessels, machinery and equipment. Find out more about the types of vessels our policy covers.

speedboat INSURANCE

Is This Insurance Right For Me?

Having specialised in Marine Insurance for over 195 years and now with a fresh, forward-thinking approach to boat insurance services, GJW Direct can provide you with the perfect cover for your Speedboat with instant online quotes available.

Our self-service portal allows you to manage your policy online and 0% interest finance options are available. With a vast range of cover options to suit all needs, when you insure your Speedboat with us you’re in safe hands. 

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Benefits of our Speedboat cover:

  • Third party liability £5,000,000
  • 24 hour staffed emergency claims helpline
  • Excellent financial security
  • Friendly personal service
  • Rapid claims settlement

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  • Machinery

    Machinery – includes main or auxiliary engines, electrical equipment, cables and fittings and hydraulic equipment, piping and fittings, boilers, gear boxes, outdrives and shafts.

    We cover loss or damage to the machinery and outboard motors caused by impact between the speedboat and any substance including ice (but not water). 

  • Waterskiers and other towed items

    We cover any person waterskiing, monoskiing, barefoot skiing, on kneeboards, wakeboards, hydroslides, ringos, biscuits and tubes providing no more than two persons are being towed or preparing to be towed at any one time. We also cover any person on a banana providing no more than six persons are being towed or preparing to be towed at any one time. You will be able to choose the appropriate level of cover you require when completing your quote. 


  • Transit and trailer cover

    We cover your Speedboat (up to 30 feet in length) and trailer(if requested) for transit by road within the cruising area specified on your Speedboat Insurance Certificate. We do not cover your liability for the trailer while attached to a towing vehicle or as a result of accident on the highway or public or private place. This ought to be covered by your motor insurance policy.

  • 30 days European (EEA) cover

    We cover your Speedboat (if it is less than 26’ in length) for use in European Continental waters not exceeding 30 days in total in any one Period of Insurance. If you use your Speedboat in either of Italy, Spain or Greece you ought to contact us first so we may issue you with the certificate of compulsory insurance for those countries.

  • Third party liability of £5,000,000

    We cover you and any other person using your speedboat with your permission for legal liability to another person arising out of interest in or use of your speedboat up to a maximum of £5,000,000.

  • Personal Accident Cover

    Our Speedboat Insurance policy covers you and any other person using your Speedboat with your permission for accidental bodily injury or death whilst using your Speedboat up to a maximum amount of £20,000 any one person.

  • Medical Expenses

    We cover you and the crew of your Speedboat for Medical Expenses incurred by you and/or them arising out of personal injuries caused by any of the perils covered under your Speedboat Insurance policy up to £1500 any one occurrence.

  • No Claims Bonus

    We offer a protected no claims bonus inclusive in our cover

Policy Documents

See below the policy documents relevant to your Speedboat cover which are available for you to download.   

What is a speedboat?

A generalised term to describe a wide range of boats, a speed boat is generally defined as a high-speed motorboat with a powerful engine. It may have an onboard or outboard motor.

How fast do speedboats go?

Our speed boat policy covers high-speed vessels that generally reach speeds up to 50kts. The fastest speedboats can travel in excess of 80kts. Often called ‘high-performance boats, these vessels are not generally covered under our speedboat policy. Speak to a member of our team to find out more.

Speed boat motor and equipment cover

When you’re travelling at high speeds, you need equipment that works hard. Our policy covers loss and damage to machinery and equipment to maintain your high-speed vessel so you can concentrate on the water.