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Online Claim Forms

At GJW Direct we realise that being involved in an incident whilst using your vessel can be a traumatic experience.

It is our mission to make reporting a claim and repairing your vessel as painless and an efficient as possible.

The most effective way to start this process is to log into your account using the button below. Once you reach your policy dashboard, click on the link to ‘make a claim’.

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Here are some useful guidelines to help you through your claim journey:

Where possible you should provide us with 2 estimates for repairs/replacements as necessary and photographs evidencing damage.

At our discretion, we will appoint a surveyor or an investigator to assist us in dealing with your claim.

You should provide assistance to any persons appointed to investigate your claim.

Once we agree that we will cover your claim we will write to you to confirm our assessment of liability and costs.

Please remember that the contract for repair is between you and the repairer and therefore all correspondence from the repairer should be addressed to you and instructions for repair(s) or replacement(s) must come from you.

Once repairs are completed you should provide us with the final invoice(s) together with your confirmation that you are satisfied with the repairs.

We are able to settle your claim either to you or to your repairer upon your instruction and provision of nominated bank account details.

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Our Customer's reviews

Pete Bar-Watson

When our outboard was submerged in heavy weather for a period of time, I knew I’d probably be looking for a new unit to replace it. What I wasn’t expecting, is that in my first maritime insurance claim since I’ve owned a yacht, our insurance company GJW Direct turned our claim around in a matter of days. A completely first class experience from start to finish. I couldn’t be more impressed.

Fin Monahan

Once again, I would like to thank you, your colleagues and Ben the surveyor for the truly excellent service. I have already been highlighting to friends how good my experience has been. You transformed a quite stressful situation into a very calm and rapid repair and my boat is back on the water and we are about to have our summer holiday on it.

Victor Mcmullen

Excellent service. Never had to make a claim in 30 years of boating. Outboard engine was stolen and the claims assessor was professional and courteous. Claim was settled with the minimum of fuss. I fully recommend this company in dealing with the claim at every point of contact.

Al Doughty

Unfortunately in the last 10 months I have had to make 2 insurance claims - GJW on both occasions have been absolutely fantastic . I would strongly recommend this company - truly outstanding - great service and very easy to deal with - Thanks